International Conference on Governance and Accountability (ICGA) 2021 


Academics and researchers worldwide are invited to submit research papers in the broad areas of governance, sustainability and accountability that are empirical, purely theoretical, qualitative in nature, policy related or in-depth literature reviews for the 2021 6th International Conference on Governance and Accountability (ICGA) for the suggested topics include but are not limited to:


CSR and corporate governance

CSR and stakeholders

CSR and corporate risk

CSR assurance

Social and environmental accounting

Accounting for the costs and benefits of CSR-related activities

Accounting and disclosures of environmental liabilities

Corporate environmental strategy

Corporate social responsibilty and management control

Corporate responsibility and triple bottom line

Governance and regulation

National v supra-national governance

Free markets and governance

Multi-national corporate accountability

Social responsibility and free markets

Globalisation and corporate activity

Regulation of corporate social and environmental behaviour

Governmental influences on corporate accountability

Sanctions for non-compliance in a global market

Regulating the regulators

Ethical issues in accounting and financial reporting

Environment management accounting

Carbon footprint accounting

Green and sustainable supply chain

Entrepreneurship, performance, and sustainability