ICGA 2018



Field Of Research

Sub Theme

1 Governance


1. Governance and Regulation

2. Free-Markets and Governance

3. Corporate

4. Governance Reporting

5. The Changing Role of Management and Corporate Governance

6. Risk management

7. Governance and Financial Market

8. Economics Governance in the  Public  Sector

9. Governance of Islamic Organization

10. Boards and Corporate Governance


2 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  1. Social Responsibility and Free Markets
  2. Regulation of Corporate Social and Environmental
  3. Behaviour CSR and Stakeholder
  4. Corporate Responsibility and Triple Bottom Line
  5. Social and Environmental Accounting
  6. CSR and Corporate Governance
  7. Accounting for the Costs and Benefits of CSR-Related Activities
  8. Accounting and Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities
  9. Corporate Environmental Strategy
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility and Management Control
  11. Environmental Management Accounting
  12. Carbon Footprint Accounting
  13. CSR Assurance
  14. Green and Sustainable Supply Chain
  15. Supply Change Management
  16. CSR for Islamic Organization
3 Accountability and Fraud
  1. Multi-National Corporate
  2. Accountability Globalization and Corporate Accountability
  3. Governmental Influences on Corporate Accountability Ethical Issues in Accounting and Financial Reporting
  4. Internal Controls and Accountability
  5. Fraud Prevention and Detection
  6. Fraud in Organization
  7. Fraud and Auditors’ Responsibility
  8. National and International Legislation on Fraud
  9. Fraud in Social Responsibility Projects
  10. Corporate Crime in Organizations
  11. Islamic Financial Criminology
  12. Accountability in Small and Medium Enterprises